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Mike Womack

Public Health Educator

Dr. Mike Womack is both a pastor and a public health educator.  His earned degrees are from respected seminaries, including Dallas Theological (TX) and Mid-America (Memphis) Seminaries.  He has pastored 3 amazing churches in Tennessee churches over the past 35 years. His public health background was built from the ground up during a 14-year stint as apart-time Adjunct Professor at East Tennessee University’s Department (now School) of Public Health, and is rooted in the certification model. Womack is also a 10-year veteran Executive Director of MADCAT, Inc., an anti-drug coalition in McMinn County.  Mike is from Miami, FL, and has been married to Claudia for 44 years.  Their 2 daughters live and work in Los Angeles, in the world of the visual arts, music, and journalism.